- Job listers are highly encouraged to pay close attention to applicants' potential and experience rather than education.
- Job listers and hired workers must have a written agreement/contract.
- Any contracted work must be paid within a week of work that is finished.
- No promised work without follow through.

- Job listers are highly encouraged to pay at least $15/hr to applicants. Anything less must be discussed ahead of time, or on a short term basis. (EXAMPLE: Job lister is also coming from a place without a high income.
It is agreed upon and clearly stated in the contract that the job lister will give the artist/worker X amount.)

- No unpaid work will be posted.

WHY ARE THESE THE REQUIREMENTS? 1. Education is based on privilege, and until higher education is accessible to everyone, we need to make our art community equal. Potential, experience, and passion are more valuable than a degree. If there are certain skills that are required for the job you are posting, we encourage an allotted training time to those who may not have had the chance to learn previously.
2. Job listers are required to send a written contract with what is expected from who they are going to hire. This may seem like extra work for the job lister, and while it can be, it helps the employee to understand what is expected from them. Written contracts ensure that the art worker will get paid, expectations of the project have been developed, and that both parties can be happy. It is important to us that art workers are not left confused and stressed by the job/project they have agreed to.
3. Art workers are continuously devalued, taken advantage of, and compromised. Art workers accept a lesser amount than what they deserve since we live in an economy that sees art as expendable. Art is necessary and vital for communities to exist. $15 is the minimum for posting with Artists for Hire. We hope than that any job lister would agree with our mission.
4. Unpaid work leads to financially privileged individuals receiving opportunities that others cannot commit to. Unpaid work leads to a burn-out culture of workers who are compromising their own well-being to try and get ahead. As stated above, we hope that any job listers do not believe in unpaid work equating exposure. All work is valuable. All work needs to be compensated. 

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