Artists for Hire is housed in Pittsburgh, PA. Created by the local art community, we hope to engage and connect to artists nationally and abroad.

We believe in a better world for marginalized individuals working both in and out of the art field.
We believe in a living wage for art workers.
We believe in the power of community and unionization. 
We believe in the safety and security of all individuals. 
We believe in art as an act of resistance and a form of connection.


Emma Vescio, Director
Fred Blauth, Editor

Contributors [Ongoing]:
Hannah Frank
Samir Gangwani
Jessica Hessler
J Houston
Roxy Jamin
Soren Lundi
Julie Mallis
Ashley Olinger
Paul Peng
Sarah Sindler
Camden Yandel
Allison DiPofi (frogdream)
Daniel Gurwin
Xiola Jensen
Eriko Hattori
Shori Vera
Christina Lee
Steph Neary
Christina Acuña Castillo
Sadie Shoaf
Paul Roden
Karen Lue
Sydney Joslin-Knapp